What the brainy folks at Savant alluded to years back was pretty simple: develop a platform that provides long term value, something that you can continue to enjoy and invest in over time with both software and hardware enhancements. The mission of EDG’s partner, Savant Systems, is to provide you with a technology solution that allows for growth and expansion.

Savant Smart Media Server

savant smart media server

savant smart media

Bring an entire world of music to your home or office with the revolutionary SmartMedia Servers. Sync, control and distribute multiple streams of audio to all zones and locations. The SmartMedia Server is a premier digital audio music playback and management system providing instant access to your entire music collection and the most popular Internet media services, such as Spotify, Pandora, Tunein, etc., from any Savant user interface. Play up to five independent audio streams simultaneously and independently, which is like having five separate CD players. The SmartMedia Server also offers 1 Terabyte of internal storage for large music collections. It  features Apple’s® AirPlay®, which lets users stream iTunes® music, whether from a Mac® or PC, as well as directly from their iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.

Savant SmartView Tiling

savant smartview tiling

Want a video wall with your existing large TV or Projection screen? Then you need Savant’s SmartView Tiling, a technology that enables a single display to show several video sources simultaneously. From an iPad, users will be able to drag and drop selected sources to their chosen locations within the tile grid; pinch and zoom to have any source take over the entire display, and create custom tiling layouts and channel presets for easy recall. Savant SmartView Tiling seamlessly ties true HDMI video with the support of HD audio together for an unmatched A/V experience. Best of all, EDG can easily integrate SmartView Tiling modules to Savant SmartMedia Servers––bringing together exciting functionality to new customers.

Savant Universal Remote

savant universal remote

The cost-effective Savant Universal Remote communicates over existing Wi-Fi networks delivering convenient two-way control in asophisticated design. The customizable color display allows Integrators to tailor control to meet client needs. Self-configuring, the Savant Universal Remote requires no direct programming as its configuration is automatically obtained from the Savant system, including any changes made remotely by the Integrator. User definable presets and favorites allow for further personalization options.

Savant Wi-Fi Thermostat

savant wi fi thermostat

Similar to Nest, Savant’s  SST-W100 is a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that enables the control of your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Add the convenience and intelligence by controlling the temperature from any Savant User Interface (Keypads, Remotes, On-TV Menu Navigation & Apple iOS Control apps) - and you’re in control whether you’re in the next room or the next time zone. Energy consumption can be monitored by adjusting the HVAC automatically to respond to outside temperature, season or time of day. What’s even more amazing (and loads better than Nest), is the HVAC Scheduler within the SavantTrueControl™ iPad® app - for instant changes and scheduling of climate set-points throughout areas of a facility or home.

Want to see how Savant integrates your entire home? Here is a video showcasing what Savant (and EDG) can do for you:

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