Technology evolves rapidly as companies compete against one another to release the latest, most thin, fast, and efficient products possible. Today, Samsung showed off the successor to the microSD card. The new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) chips offer impressive specs compared to the technology we have grown familiar with.

Universal Flash Storage capacities will range from as low as 32GB to as high as 256GB. The slim chips are designed with a focus on increased storage space and bandwidth needs making them ideal for high resolution devices like the popular DSLR and the much newer world of augmented reality that is rapidly creeping up on us.

Back in May, Samsung revealed a 256GB ordinary microSD card. While the capacity may exist, no one will deny that it both uncommon and expensive. With the UFS chips, all storage capacities would be classified as high by today’s standards. In addition, the chips’ speed is in a class of its own. The read speeds peak around 530 megabytes per second. This is nearly five times the speed of high end microSD cards! Based on the statistics listed on Samsung’s website, the card allows a 5GB movie to be read in 10 seconds as opposed to 50 seconds in the older format. Write speeds are fast as well. At 170 MB/s, they roughly double the top microSD cards of today.

Samsung has been working on this new format for a while now. In fact, Samsung has already embedded UFS cards into some existing mobile devices but this is its first time ever showing off the expandable storage version of the cards. Unfortunately, this means that for the time being, you may struggle to find devices that can read the new format. As with so many other things, time is needed for the adjustment to take place.

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