Samsung’s new Gear IconX earbuds are completely wireless. With this new addition, Samsung’s wearables fitness gadget category has gotten slightly larger. It is a shame they do not support phone calls and are only compatible with Android devices.

Music can be played through the earbuds with or without a phone nearby. The earbuds come with 4 gigabytes of internal storage for music and they can stream Spotify, Google Music, and Pandora through a Bluetooth connected smartphone. A unique ambient sound feature exists that blends outside noise with audio to create a feeling of harmony.

After users tested the new wireless earbuds, most agreed they felt both comfortable and secure even while running. The sound quality is rich and full with volume and menu options accessible through touch controls.

Cordless earbuds are not a new concept. However, current models tend to either be too expensive with not enough features or inexpensive with questionable quality. At $200.00, the Gear IconX earbuds are not exactly cheap but Samsung will most likely offer a discount when they are made available.

They earbuds’ battery life is expected to last around run and a half hours when paired to a phone. If unpaired, Samsung says the battery can last up to three hours. An added perk is that the earbuds come in a charging case that in and of itself holds an additional two full charges!

The earbuds are available in three colors: black, white, and blue. Pre-orders start today for $200.00.

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