The era of cable and satellite subscriptions are coming to a screeching halt, and tech giants like Apple and Google are racing to get consumers hooked onto their own media-streaming services in order to keep up with the new norm.

Roku, a small tech company nestled in the outskirts of Silicon Valley, has an answer that kicks both Apple and Google out of the playing field: the Roku 3. One of four content aggregators made by the company, the newly released Roku 3 offers a simplified user interface that allows a user to access several different media channels, free and paid, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, and Vudu, as well as a movie catalogue if none of Roku’s hundreds of pre-loaded channels are of any interest.

The Roku remote is as simple as its interface and even has a headphone jack that allows users to silence the audio from the display and reroutes it to the remote, thus allowing late-night enjoyment of favorite movies and TV shows without disturbing anyone else in the house.

Performance-wise, the new Roku 3 is more responsive than previous models, and has a dual-core ARM chip powering it, as well as dual-band wireless, a USB/micro-SD slot and a digital over-HDMI surround sound pass through. The new model only uses less than 3.5W of power when streaming––making its carbon footprint smaller than that of most residential night lights.


The Roku 3 is now available. Contact your Electronics Design Group consultant to see which solutions work for you.

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