The holiday season is almost here - which means that there will be photo and video ops at every turn. The sounds of lenses writing on SD cards will almost be as common as the holiday jingles themselves.

These days, every household owns an 18-MP camera or an HD video recorder. Since the modern-day family is no longer limited by the 36 exposures they can get on one roll of film, they can be as trigger-happy as they want with their video-enabled DSLRs, and pick their favorites amongst the hundreds of photos of their toddler wearing a reindeer hat.

But the problem with such high-quality media are the large file sizes that come along with it. Once the new year comes, what will you do with your holiday memories? (Hint: Loading it onto your computer is only half the answer.)

Embracing redundancy is the only way to ensure the storage and preservation of hundreds of gigabytes of data. There are three options you have for storage of all your media files, in addition to the copies you have on your local computer:

External Hard Drives

Perhaps the easiest way to back up files from your computer is to connect an external hard drive via the USB dock (Mac owners can use their firewire ports for faster file transfer). A 1-3 TB drive is a cheap way to store up to 300 DVDs and thousands of high-quality photos without any needed compression.

External hard drives are easy to obtain - EDG’s personal favorite external drive manufacturers include Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung.

Weekly or monthly backups can be done manually, but if you’re looking for a more automated route for storing your files, then perhaps signing up for a cloud service might be a better idea…

Cloud Services

If instant access whenever and wherever you want is a higher priority, then investing in an account with a could service might be a good idea. Services like CrashPlan will let you back up tons of data for pennies a day.

Cloud services can also be configured to automatically back up your data daily, weekly or monthly, so you’ll never have to worry about doing it yourself. Most services also create backups of your backups, so you can bet the storage-ception of your intimate Christmas and New Year’s moments exists somewhere on the Internet in superfluous modus.

NAS Drive

If you prefer to keep in-house copies of your files, then investing in a NAS drive might suit you best. Electronics Design Group can even help you connect your local NAS drive to your network so that your files can be accessed from any device connected to your network! Want to know more? Contact us!

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