IMAX, the gold standard for the ultimate movie going experience, has unveiled the “IMAX Private Theatre.” The offering is geared to ultra-high-net-worth consumers as the starting base price is set around $2 million.

“We have been exploring this for quite a while,” says Rob Lister, chief business development officer at IMAX. “This expands the IMAX brand outside of commercial theaters and gives people that same ‘feel-like-you’re-part-of-the-movie’ experience.”

“Selecting the right integrators is by no means easy. Our standards are very high and we realize that by selecting one partner, we might be losing another in the local area,” says Lister. That could be why IMAX has chosen to market directly to wealthy consumers, so these consumers can contact their own integrators.

The IMAX private theatre will be built to the same specs as the theatrical experience with slight adjustments to accommodate for smaller spaces as well as allowing consumers to interact with it directly.

Somebody’s home theater space is about to get much cooler!

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