The term “pool house” no longer means the lonely, little building next to your pool that held the floaties, towels, pool cleaning supplies and if you’re lucky a mini bar. No, now a “pool house” can be an intricately designed massive building that holds a 19’ x 37” pool with an adjacent Jacuzzi, comprised of architectural designs that will make your head spin, and home automation that seamlessly resonates sound and visual throughout the room.

Control4 has once again transformed a space, making the ordinary, quite extraordinary. A Massachusetts home owner decided that they wanted their pool ready for use 12 months out of the year. With the help of specialist integrator from SimpleHome, a Massachusetts-based Control4 dealer, this family was able to transform their dreams into a reality. The initial goal was to expand the existing system and automate a new custom pool building within their home. With Control4’s help, two years or design, building and $1.6 million later the masterful building was complete – these homeowners sure spared no expense.

There are a number of important features integrated into the pool house. To withstand the cold New England winters, the pool stays at comfortable 81 degrees, with the adjacent Jacuzzi available for some R&R. There is a slide at the end of the pool, as well as laminated wood arches, Venetian plaster walls, and other architectural details necessary for a water-exposed space. The floor is even made of textured porcelain tiles to prevent slipping – a perfect choice for a space that will soon be full of bustling with children eager to jump in.

The acute architectural details are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wow-factor of this poolside haven. With Control4 acting as the AV system backbone, the owners are able to manage other features of the new indoor pool and spa like their new automated pool cover and pool fountains as well as the outdoor music and landscape lighting. The sound system reaches both inside and outside the building, helping to set the perfect mood; whether that be a lazy backyard barbeque or elegant cocktail gathering. Additionally, the TVs in the pool house are connected to the family room TV and surround system with a whole-house video system with DVD changers. This allows the whole family to watch their favorite shows on just about any TV in the house, including the one by the pool.

Pool control is just one of the many way home automation systems, like those from Control4, are changing the way we live our lives – helping to raise the bar in home entertainment, simplify communications throughout the home and transform what may be considered an ordinary space into an extraordinary family room that’s nothing short of their own private getaway.

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