Rooms designed for the sole purpose of enjoying digital entertainment (music, movies, video games)  have become nearly as popular as home offices. Known as media rooms, they’re the place to showcase a high-def big-screen TV, surround sound and your decorative flair. You can go all out and spring for a video projector and a 120-inch stand-alone screen or a flat-screen TV. Speakers can be built into the walls, or you can place them on shelves and on the floor. In a media room, just about anything’s game as long as you love the picture and the sound.

Picking the Right Room

When you’re building a new house, you can ask your architect or builder to include a media room in the floor plan. If there’s a space (such as a guest bedroom, den or bonus room) that you have no special plans for, you could designate one of those areas as your media room. Just be sure there’s enough space for all the equipment and seating.

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