With so many large corporations and vendors sponsoring various aspects of the 2012 Olympics, many are looking at how they can make the biggest impact through cross-channel marketing.

Panasonic Corporation, who has signed on as an official Olympic Partner sponsor of the games, recently revealed their targeted marketing initiative, “Sharing the Passion”.
The unique program strives to highlight the energy and excitement of the London-located games and features several moving pieces including a global initiative and onsite 3D pavilion.

Panasonic will unveil its global marketing initiative will feature a blend of television and print media advertisements. Ads will include Brazilian footballer, Neymar da Silva Santos and the English heptathlon athlete Louis Hazel. Panasonic also plans to create an Olympic-specific YouTube site, which will showcase a myriad of video clips and promotions throughout June, before the games begin. Additionally, outdoor marketing, across the United Kingdom, will be seen on buses, taxis, and in London airports.

Most exciting is the London construction of Panasonic’s Full HD 3D Theatre, which will allow visitors to view several live sporting events through incredible 3D technology. From gymnastics to swimming, two large screens will take center stage in the pavilion, where Panasonic 3D solutions will offer spectators the feeling of attending the event themselves.

Bringing Panasonic’s Olympic marketing strategy full circle will be the launch of mobile apps and the mobile “Share the Passion” platform. The program will offer up Flag Tags, an application available through smartphones and Facebook, which enables users to take a picture of themselves, upload it to the app and then choose a national flag to “face paint” onto the picture. User-generated images can then be shared socially, which Panasonic homes will encourage users around the globe to cheer on their national team, while connecting with others.

The Olympics represent one of the few events that truly bring together people from all around the world. With a comprehensive marketing plan in place and an exciting HD 3D pavilion set for construction, Panasonic hope to bring a little high-tech luxury and innovation to The 2012 Games.

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