For those of you who are iPad users, you may have noticed a recent update from Microsoft for the OneNote iOS application. With the latest update, OneNote now supports handwriting capabilities. The new features include a few pen tips, 16 colors, various pen thicknesses, and palm rejection to make sure your iPad is only focusing on input from your stylus.

In addition, Microsoft has tacked on an extra feature called Optical Character Recognition or OCR for short. Those of you who use Evernote are likely already familiar with this feature. Any image that you drag in is uploaded to a server that analyzes the picture for written text. The file is then sent back and comes “searchable” so you can look for key words on your graphics.

Although this feature is a recent update for iOS users, similar capabilities were brought to the Android version of OneNote about six months ago. Moreover, the Windows version of Microsoft OneNote has had handwriting support since 2003! That’s a full seven years before the iPad ever even hit the market. It’s interesting that Microsoft tried to withhold this feature from Apple for so long. Either way, it’s available now so be sure to take advantage of it!

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