The number of robots available to consumers continues to increase each year. Whether they will become companions or remain Roomba-like machines is yet to be determined. A lot of companies seem to have an idea of what they want: friendly and welcoming robots with big easy-to-read LCD screens. That is where the Omate Yumi stemmed from!

You may be familiar with Pepper or perhaps even the Asus Zenbo. Most robots, including the new Omate Yumi robot, have not been made available yet. Those that are almost ready for market are only open for preorders right now. The Omate Yumi is an Alexa-enabled robot. Yumi has many similar features to that of an Android tablet except it has wheels and can be controlled by voice.

There is a 5 inch 720p display serving as Yumi’s face. This can be adjusted to show different facial expressions. In addition, Yumi features a microphone for Alexa voice controls, a light ring for notification alerts, very loud speakers, and a powerful 3,500 mAh battery. Amazon’s Alexa software is powerful and it will be an interesting combination to see how that is tied into a robot that human’s interact with more closely than, say, an Amazon Echo.

The Yumi is a 11.7 inch tall robot that will be priced around $350.00. This price-point is cheapter than the Asus Zenbo which begins at $600.00. For the difference, you get a nice camera that can be used for video calling. Your own Yumi can be reserved online now for their special preorder price and rumors suggest there may be a crowdfunding page released sometime later this month.

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