Have you been waiting to get your hands on a media streaming device for your TV?

Not sure which device to get or whether you’re better off waiting for something better?

Well, it looks like now might be a great time to jump into the world of wireless video streaming!

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, has officially announced that Netflix has no plans of releasing its own streaming box anytime soon. Hastings explained that there is no reason for his company to dedicate the time and resources necessary to develop a Netflix box when there are so many fully-functioning streaming boxes that are already Netflix compatible. A Netflix app can be found on almost every set-top box available on the market today (Over 1,000 and counting!).

Hastings explains that if a new box comes onto the market, they have to partner with Netflix anyway or they won’t stand a chance against the competition.

Considering there won’t be any surprises in the near future, now could be a great time to finally purchase that wireless streaming device you’ve had your eyes on. EDG can install one for you along with a high-end set up that works specifically with you and your home. Apple TV and the new Amazon Fire are two boxes that can stream high resolution content at 1080p and will look and sound amazing on a new TV and surround sound system set up.

Source: www.TechnoBuffalo.com

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