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EDG News: Announcements from CEDIA
October 14-17, Dallas, TX – CEDIA places you at the epicenter of the future home experience. CEDIA has hundreds of new audio, video, control, networking, and lighting products that will take the integration business to a whole new level. EDG takes home the CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles® Award for Hi-Performance 4K Ultra HD Theater.

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november 2015 sony 1Sony is unveiled four new projectors at the CEDIA Expo 2015. The VPL-VW665ES is compatible with HDMI input of HDR (High Dynamic Range) content with a 300,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. HDR imagery comes closest to the reality our eyes see every day, with higher contrast, deeper blacks, and exceptional dynamic range. Sony is developing HDR support across its portfolio, and the VPL-VW665ES gives home cinema enthusiasts the opportunity to experience total immersion.


november 2015 sony 2Meanwhile, the VPL-VW365ES delivers native 4K resolution for a truly immersive viewing experience. Equipped with a new long-lasting lamp that gives the projector up to 6,000 hours of performance, along with high brightness and high contrast the VPL-VW365ES offers even more vibrant images. The projector utilizes advanced SXRDT panels for a native 4K picture with no artificial manipulation of pixels. Rich and accurate color reproduction is provided by Sony’s proprietary TRILUMINOS engine design. Motionflow picture technology also serves to deliver clearer, less blurry images when watching fast-paced, sports action.


november 2015 sony 3The new VPL-HW65ES uses SXRD panel technology and second generation Reality Creation for a Full HD home cinema experience at a lower price point. The VPL-HW65ES also benefits from Sony’s 6,000-hour long-lasting lamp, a built-in RF 3D transmitter and a USB update function to keep the device’s firmware up-to-date with the latest software releases. IP control gives the projector versatile home automation compatibility, which combines with its compact size and front exhaust for a range of flexible installation solutions.


november 2015 sony 4Lastly, Sony’s new VPL-VW5000ES is the world’s first projector designed specifically for home theater use to provide full 4K resolution with a laser light source that provides 5,000 lumens of brightness, the ability to correctly reproduce High Dynamic Range content, and simulate the new ITUR BT2020 color gamut on top of the full DCI colors pace. Providing over 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation, the VPL-VW5000ES projector is truly the ultimate home cinema display.

november 2015 dolby atmosSony has also announced its first Dolby Atmos AV receiver. Unveiled at CEDIA Expo 2015, the STR-ZA5000ES ES receiver is a 9-channel design (boasting 130 watts per channel) which supports 4K Ultra HD sources.  In addition to Dolby Atmos, the receiver is DTS:X compatible. With an additional stereo amp, a full 11.1 soundfield can be deployed.

The ZA5000ES features Sony’s D.C.A.C. EX technology with a new feature called Speaker Relocation. This compensates for less than ideal listening environments by closely simulating the sound field produced by optimally positioned and angled speakers. Beneath the hood is a linear wideband power amplifier and aluminum heat sink, plus high capacity transformer with localised power supplies, a low phase noise precision crystal oscillator, and audiophile grade resistors.

Sony says the ZA5000ES incorporates powerful DSP technology and a high performance 32-bit floating point processor to optimise signal processing, along with shorter signal paths to reduce impedance and interference from digital noise. All of these processors are mounted, together with a high-grade electrolytic capacitor, on the receiver’s power line to ensure an ample supply of clean power and optimal performance.

To address high resolution audio, all preamplifier functions are performed by a new IC which provides faster response time, higher signal-to-noise and reduced thermal interference than seen on previous ES amplifiers.

There are six HDMI inputs and two outputs offering full HDCP 2.2 compliance, BT.2020 wide color gamut colour and HDR compatibility and 4K 60P 4:4:4: support. It can also be used to distribute 4K video and multichannel audio simultaneously to two different zones.The receiver also has an integrated 8-port Ethernet hub, along with two Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports.

The ZA5000ES provides access to system integration protocols via a special PING button on the front panel. There’s also web browser access plus cloud-based remote monitoring capability for Ihiji users. All of these settings can be saved to a flash drive and reloaded at any time using the USB interface located behind the receiver’s removable front cover.


Imagine hearing your favorite tracks in unmatched clarity and richness. The HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player is the perfect addition to your Hi-Fi setup, with a Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Re-mastering Engine that elevates all your music. A 1 TB hard disc, has space for all your music, letting you hear it all as it was meant to be heard. This will connect seamlessly into your Control4 system.

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november 2015 creston 1The Crestron family of beautiful and intuitive touch screens continues to grow. The new TS-1542features stunning metal construction and a brilliant 15-inch capacitive touch screen with spectacular Crestron Smart Graphics™ that enables integrators to deliver a rich and immersive large-format interface at an affordable price. The TS-1542 boasts the robust technology feature-set of the award-winning TSW touch screen line, as well as flexible installation options for in-wall applications or a stylish tilt table-top

november 2015 creston 2The high-definition streaming video capability of the TS-1542 makes it possible to view security cameras and other video sources over the network right on the touch screen. Native support for H.264 and MJPEG formats allows the display of live streaming video from IP cameras, a streaming server, or a DigitalMedia™ switcher. One wire is all that is required for installation, with a standard Ethernet cable handling power, control, and media.

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Crestron Touch Panels at CEDIA 2015

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The whole family of new Crestron remotes 

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New Crestron bed side touch panels


Crestron also introduced the latest additions to the DigitalMedia product line, the only complete 4K video distribution system with full HDCP 2.2 support and 4K/60Hz scaling. The new DM® products provide integration professionals with even more flexibility for designing 4K systems with unparalleled performance, scalability, and customization.

november 2015 creston 6The DM Receiver and Room Controller with Scaler and Downmixing (DM-RMC-4K-SCALER-C-DSP) provides a compact, one-box solution for integrating a 4K display into a DigitalMedia system. To ensure an optimal viewing experience, it features the industry’s only 4K/60 scaler, which scales any resolution and frame-rate to any other up to 4096×2160 at 60Hz. A built-in DSP provides a 2-channel downmix to ensure that every room in the house can play the same multi-channel surround sound signal used in the main theater.

november 2015 creston 7A new family of Crestron 4K Switchers (HD-MD4X1/4×2/6×2-4K-E) with HDMI® connections provide high performance 4K/60Hz signal switching at an attractive price point. Each model supports the full gamut of today’s high-resolution signals, advanced EDID management for optimal display, native Crestron control via Ethernet, and a built-in web server for easy configuration from any web browser. Suitable for standalone use, or as part of a fully integrated Crestron system, the switchers provide a highly flexible, scalable, and easy to deploy solution for delivering the ultimate 4K viewing experience to media and recreation rooms.

“DigitalMedia is the gold standard for video distribution for the CEDIA community,” said Nick Harris, Vice President of Marketing at Crestron. “For upscale homeowners seeking the ultimate

4K viewing experience, DM is the only end-to-end solution that delivers the perfect picture every time.”

Additional products introduced today include a new single-gang DM 4K Transmitter (DM-TX-4K-100-C-1G) and Receiver (DM-RMC-4K-100-C-1G) for discreetly integrating 4K sources into video distribution systems, as well as a powerful new Digital Graphics Engine (DM-DGE-200-C), which enables integrators to enhance the 4K TV viewing experience with custom graphical elements such as control menus or pop up messages.

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New Experiences to Enhance Your Home – Announcing new native streaming services—including Pandora, TIDAL and Deezer—an improved new way to enjoy entertainment, and a simpler and more robust security experience for Control4 customers.

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Wilson Electronics:

november 2015 wilson electronicsWilson Electronics launched a new line of professional grade boosters built to bring strong, reliable cell coverage into larger interior spaces. The Wilson Pro product line features cell boosters designed and engineered for installation in larger areas where signals are generally weak or cannot penetrate because they are blocked by materials used in a building’s construction, such as concrete and steel. Wilson Pro booster systems use antennas and an amplifier to capture available cell signals outside a building, boost those signals and redistribute the amplified signals inside the building, ensuring reliable coverage even inside buildings where signals previously were weak or unavailable. Wilson Pro 70 and Pro 70 Plus boosters work with all cell service providers in the U.S. and Canada, boosting voice and data services, including 4G LTE, for all phones and cellular-enabled devices. 


OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diodes, are an offshoot of existing conventional LED technology. LEDs are semiconducting light sources that function through electroluminescence—that is, they produce photons (aka light) by plopping electrons into little electron holes within the device’s emissive layer. Basically, electricity goes in and light comes out thanks to a semiconductuctive material, rather than a white-hot metal filament like an old-school light bulb. OLED technology, first successfully implemented in 1987 by Kodak researchers Ching W. Tang and Steven Van Slyke, takes this same idea as LED, but flattens it. Rather than an array of individual LED bulbs, OLED uses a series of thin, light emitting films. This allows the OLED array to produce brighter light while using less energy than existing LCD/LED technologies. And since these light-emitting films are composed of hydrocarbon chains, rather than semiconductors laden with heavy metals like gallium arsenide phosphide, they get that “O” for “organic” in their name.

november 2015 lgThe LEDs in today’s LED televisions are actually used only to provide a white back light, which then shines through a rapidly-refreshing LCD shutter array which tints the emanating light. OLEDs, on the other hand, operate as both light source and color array simultaneously. This may not sound like a big difference, but does offer a wide range of benefits including: lower power consumption, better picture quality and better durability and lighter weight.

An OLED display doesn’t need any of the electronics and circuitry used to drive the LED back light andLCD shutter from a LED display, which makes OLEDs more efficient. LED screens produce black simply by fully closing the pixel shutter—the back light is still shining (it never actually turns off) but the light itself is being blocked. An OLED instead turns the pixel off entirely to produce the color black, saving energy in the process. Since OLEDs incorporate their own color filters, they can produce deeper blacks and a wider gamut array. The lack of a permanently-on backlight promotes higher contrast ratios (the difference between the brightest and darkest pixels on the screen). And thanks to the lack of a shutter array, OLED displays can have refresh rates that are an order magnitude faster than those of LCD/LED sets. We’re talking a boost from 480 Hz to 100,000 Hz—theoretically, at least. On top of that, OLEDs offer an impressively wide viewing angle—nearing 90 degrees off center for many panels—without the color and clarity losses seen in traditional LEDs.

Inixium Biometrics:

Invixium fingerprint scanners fit Control4 smart-home systems perfectly. For those who want industrial-grade access control, coupled with consumer-oriented home automation, Invixium with SDDP (Control4’s device discovery protocol) fits the bill.

Invixium fingerprint scanners were built to house all of the bells and whistles of the most sophisticated biometric scanners, while having the size and form factor typically found in consumer-grade access controls. In fact, the physical build of Invixium’s smallest model features a footprint similar to that of a Kwikset, Schlage, Yale or other smart lock.

november 2015 inixium biometricsInvixium has three models – Mycro, Sense, and Touch – each with its own feature set, design and price. Based on the Android operating system and featuring a capacitive touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the Invixium fingerprint scanner was made to look beautiful while taking a beating. It is “anti-shock vandal proof” and boasts an IP65 rating for rather severe outdoor conditions. The device can be powered over Ethernet or line-voltage wiring, but it has a back-up battery, just in case. It can communicate with third-party control systems and peripheral devices in a number of ways, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-232/-485.

The Invixium products are not “locks” as we know them. Think of them as glorified keypads. Typically, a Control4 dealer would use consumer-centric Kwikset or Yale locks for integration. Through Control4 programming, you would tell the system to unlock the bolt based on verified user. (By the way, I recommend clearing user codes from the lock itself.)

However, the optimal way to manage access is to do it with a product like Invixium, which is how the commercial pros do. Here’s how it works: There are a bunch of leads emanating from the Invixium panel. One pair is for a door magnet so Invixium knows when the door is open or closed; a second set of leads is for an electronic lock.

For those not familiar with these types of commercial entry systems, there are two popular lock choices – magnetic door strike (“mag lock”) and electric strike. For residential I prefer electric strikes as they allow the best options and are easiest to retrofit. Communications between the Invixium controller and third-party lock is via Wiegand, the two-way access-control standard for commercial installations.


november 2015 leonLeon Speakers, maker of custom loudspeakers and moving art, arguably won the audio demo at CEDIA 2010 with its 16-foot, music-spewing, light-blinking metal dragon sound sculpture. Since then, the company has erected at least one amazing showcase piece per year, just to prove that it can. But this year at CEDIA Expo 2015, Leon will promote those marvels as real products, available for sale. “We’re going to show people how you can actually buy it,” says marketing director Ethan Kaplan, who regrets that the dragon won’t be among the new SKUs.

In 2013, Leon created a 6- by 8-foot sound sculpture with undulating slats and multicolor LEDs. After that show, “people actually started spec’ing them,” says Kaplan. “When we put one in Miami, it sold in two weeks.” And so, says Kaplan, “We decided we might as well productize them.”

In the case of the sound sculpture, Leon has created a manageable SKU that ships in three modules plus an optional RGB lighting kit.

“It’s similar to the original design,” Kaplan says, “but it’s modular. It’s not a gigantic piece you have to ship around.”

The sculpture, lined with Leon speakers and a subwoofer, also is a little different in that it’s powered by Leon’s new Ultima platform, featuring handmade tweeters and an optimized crossover design co-developed with Morel.

In fact, Kaplan says Leon has “completely re-designed” its entire Reference Series, all of which now will benefit from the new Ultima standard.

The Sound Bar?

Last year at CEDIA, Leon demonstrated a liquor bar, hidden by a motorized piece of art flanked by Leon Profile on-wall speakers. It was, in the words of Kaplan, “a real ‘sound bar.’”

With the press of a button, the custom artwork rolled up into the soffit, revealing a brightly lit bar with bottles lining the glass shelves. Good bottles, of course, because that’s how Leon rolls. The demo seemed right out of a speakeasy.

The motorization came courtesy of Media Décor, the maker of movable art that Leon acquired in 2013.

“A dealer in Philadelphia bought the whole thing at CEDIA,” Kaplan says, “so we thought we should probably figure out what the ‘product’ was.”

This year at CEDIA, Leon will showcase a ready-to-sell version that is surface mounted, as opposed to last year’s ensemble that was recessed into the wall. In this version, the speakers are hidden below the bar shelves. A vintage metal grille flips down to reveal three compartments – two for audio, and one for anything else – bar accessories, mixology books, magic potions or other contraband, Kaplan suggests.

Also at last year’s expo, Leon showed a prototype curved soundbar, the Horizon Curv, to match those newfangled curved TVs. This year, Leon is productizing the concept, having collected data on most of the new concave sets.

“We’ve been lucky because dealers will ship the TVs to us,” Kaplan says. “Then we can see exactly what the mounting mechanism is and make specific brackets for those TVs.”

Three versions of the curved speakers will be available in good-better-best fashion with the top-of-the-line including the Ultima drivers.

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Like Sonos? What if it Could Look as Good as it Sounds?

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Earlier this year, Leon introduced ToneCase, a line of products that conceal Sonos PLAY speakers and the Playbar soundbar.

november 2015 sonos 12jpgNow, the world gets to see and touch these products for the first time at CEDIA 2015, where Leon will have “a full wall dedicated to ToneCase,” Kaplan says.

The ToneCase line, sold under the design-centric Media Decor business, includes a TV mount for the Playbar soundbar (FIT) and a series of cabinets to house Sonos PLAY speakers.

Kaplan says that that the Playbar version of ToneCase has been one of Leon’s biggest success stories in company history … “and we haven’t even shown it!”

Unlike some other generic TV mounting systems that accommodate Sonos and a wide variety of other soundbars, Leon’s version is specific to Playbar, with cable management in all the right places and custom grilles to match the specific TV on which the speaker is mounted.

The ToneCase Hardwood Cabinets, which make Sonos speakers look like traditional wooden shelf speakers, are slightly more difficult for integrators to visualize, Kaplan says. But the hands-on display at CEDIA should be just the ticket.

IC Real Time:

The security manufacturer IC Realtime has been innovating in the camera category for a long time. At the 2015 CEDIA Expo, dealers saw the company’s new IC720 and ALLie home products. Utilizing IC Realtime’s 360-degree by 360-degree virtual reality technologies, users can see 360-degrees horizontally and 360-degrees vertically in HD in real time. The IC720 is a pro-level product with a 24-megapixel dual-sensor 4K virtual PTZ product that works with IC Realtime’s app. The ALLie is a $599 product for DIY’ers. ALLie incorporates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and 8GBs of memory.

ALLie home monitoring dual 360 premium lens camera allows you to navigate across and around your home in the immersive video image without blind spots or ever missing a thing.


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Dynamic Backlighting ManagementTM makes buttons easy to read in any light • Buttons are flush with faceplate and are made of the same material for a clean look • Consistent button opening size makes multi-gang faceplates simple to order • Unique mounting options for tile surfaces, millwork, or furniture • Surface or standard wallbox mount • Matching accessories • Available in Architectural Matte, select Architectural Metal, and glass • Compatible with HomeWorks® QS • Flush front panel for WallSmart and Trufig installations
Create a coordinated look throughout a home • USB receptacle adds two USB jacks to each standard tamper resistant receptacle • 15A or 20A tamper resistant receptacles • 20A GFCI tamper resistant receptacles • Available in New Architectural matte finishes


Kaleidescape Strato 4K Ultra HD Movie Player: Watch Movies with 4x the resolution!

Kaleidescape Strato combines all of the color, sound, and crisp detail of true ultra HD, with the convenience of internet delivery – Kaleidescape designed the Strato movie player to provide an immersive home cinema experience, with better audio and video playback quality than most commercial theaters. Unlike streaming services, each movie is downloaded and stored on a hard drive, either on a Kaleidescape Terra movie server, or a Kaleidescape Alto or Strato movie player. Strato plays downloaded 4K Ultra HD movies at up to 100 Mbps and 60 frames per second, without the startup delays, buffering messages, or quality drops that are so common with streaming services. Strato plays downloaded Blu-ray and DVD quality movies in 4K using advanced upscaling algorithms. Strato supports lossless multichannel audio, and is capable of playing HDR content on televisions and projectors that can process open standard 10-bit HDMI® 2.0a HDR. The Strato onscreen user interface is also displayed in full 4K Ultra HD, at 60 frames per second, resulting in fluid animation and a stunning visual impact. Strato can be purchased with or without an internal 6TB hard drive that can store up to 100 4K Ultra HD movies, 200 Blu-ray quality movies, or 900 DVD quality movies. Strato equipped with an internal hard drive can be used standalone or in a system comprised of other Encore components. The Strato with or without an internal hard drive can play back from a Terra movie server, from another Kaleidescape Strato or Alto with internal storage, or directly from a Blu-ray disc or DVD in a Kaleidescape Disc Server. Movies start immediately, without trailers or warnings, and you can jump right to your favorite scenes and songs, without fast forwarding. Kaleidescape is the world’s only movie retailer that caters to the discriminating consumer with a massive library of content from Hollywood’s major motion-picture studios. In addition to dozens of 4K Ultra HD titles, the Kaleidescape Movie Store offers thousands of movies in full Blu-ray quality with multichannel lossless audio (including Dolby Atmos). These Blu-ray quality movies provide superb results when Strato scales them up to 4K. 

Epson: Work or Play?

Introducing the new Projector Bright Link by Epson. Engage the entire workplace, classroom, or home with pen or finger touch enabled interactive projectors designed to share content from computers, iOS, and Android devices – or no device at all.

november 2015 epson

Attention Architects and Interior Designers:

Economically address curved facades with the angled coupler from Lutron. This coupler removes the need for multiple shade drives in angled applications — resulting in significant cost reductions. Shade angles not required to order; one size fits all angles, 0°-15° or 0°-45°. The 0°-15° model creates smaller light gaps, while the 0°-45° offers a wider range of installation angles.

 Is It a Speaker or Is It Art? Magical Sound That Looks Like Art!

Sonance Landscape Series

Sonance Landscape Series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space. Described by one critic as outdoor sound to “knock their socks off”, SLS provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden completely out of sight amongst plants and under foliage.

Match the Aesthetic – Always!

Precision engineered Mounting Platforms provide flexibility to align with light fixtures or ceiling features and deliver the highest quality result in drywall, plaster, wood, and other solid surfaces. Sonance Architectural Series is installed using patented Mounting Platforms that feature exclusive technology and trade-familiar installation processes, to ensure a precision result.

Drywall and plaster Mounting Platforms are installed as part of the ceiling and finished with the surrounding surface. The precision engineering ensures a perfectly flush reveal to accommodate speaker grilles.

Seura TVs

Seura Outdoor TV – Time to turn your outdoor space into a truly extraordinary entertainment area that will delight and amaze family and friends. Séura Outdoor TVs combine incredibly elegant design with the most advanced technology to deliver the very best outdoor entertainment venue you can find. With Triple Lock Seal™ weatherproofing, unmatched reliability, and the sharpest, brightest picture in any lighting, any climate, your new Séura outdoor TV will be an instant hit. So, consider outdoor fun for family and friends guaranteed.

Seura Mirror TV – Putting the television brightness first and mirror reflectivity second, Séura Entertainment Glass has a slight tint that allows a bright and vivid TV image to shine through. Séura’s vanishing entertainment television mirrors provide a crisp television image and, when turned off, a fashionable mirror remains. Séura Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirror technology performs best when used in environments with little to no natural daylight that can cause glare and reduce the televisions brightness appearance.

Seura Indoor Water Proof TV – Séura’s Indoor Waterproof TV is designed for wet environments such as the shower, bathtub, and kitchen. Designed to completely seal out water, the screen is comprised of high-end tempered glass with low iron content for a true color-correct viewing experience. The powder-coated stainless steel housing has been engineered with drip management in mind – with complete protection for electronic components. Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat. The TV screen acts as a defogger, so nothing will cloud your vision.

Great Holiday Gift Idea: Drones!

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Press Release: Electronics Design Group Wins CEDIA Award for Hi-Performance 4K Ultra HD Theater:

Electronics Design Group, Inc., an Electronic Systems Integrator (ESC) headquartered in Piscataway NJ, was the recipient of the prestigious national award for Best Home Theater at the annual CEDIA (Custom Design & Installation Association) Awards competition.The CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles® Awards program honors the top home technology projects designed and installed by CEDIA members in seven categories, including Best Integrated Home, Best Media Room, Best Home Theater, and Best Personal Craft. The Award winners were determined by a panel of expert judges that included fellow ESCs, Architects and Interior designers. Submitted projects were awarded for innovation, creativity, and technological design. Read entire press release here…


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