With the recent release of Paper 3.0, mobile iOS users are seeing a different side of the once-top selling iPad application. Paper’s focus used to be on sketching. It’s new update has improved its versatility on iPhone and made the application better suited for other tasks like typing and annotating images.

For the first time ever: Paper can now be used on both iPad and iPhone.

Paper now aims to capture ideas. Ideas can take the form of text notes, photos, sketches, or any combination of the three. Swiping text to the left enlarges its size. Swiping to the right creates varying types of checklists. If you snap a photo, Paper allows you to crop, resize, and “highlight” specific portions of the image.

Journals are called “Spaces” and are a way to collect a bunch of ideas rather than the notebook-like pages that were used on the iPad version. Many of these changes are design-focused as opposed to functionality. However, these changes have a major impact on usability and productivity.

For those of you who prefer to use a stylus, Paper works well with Paper’s Pencil which you can buy online.

Paper’s organizational features may not be as great as Everynote’s features but its sketching and drawing features are far superior. For that reason alone, Paper will continue to serve a distinct function and succeed with its own niche.

Paper is now available in the app store.

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