Thanks to a recent update, the Google iOS app has now been considerably improved. The major update focuses in on what its voice prompts can do. The app recognizes what you’re viewing on your phone at the time of asking a question. If you ask Google a question while reading an article about the President, it immediately knows who you’re talking about when you ask, “OK Google, when did his term in office end?” There is no need to specify who “he” is referring to because Google understands that you’re talking about the President whose webpage you’re on. Google will dictate the answer while leading you to a typical search result page as it has done in the past.

Pretend you have a webpage open about about the White House.  You could say, “OK Google, how do I get there?” and Google will tell you turn-by-turn directions or alternative means of transportation depending on the distance.

The latest version of the Google app for iOS provides more detailed local search results and lets you copy and paste from anywhere in the app. Google is available for download right now in the iTunes store if you want to start playing around with the hands-free search queries.

With iOS 9 right around the corner, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see similar features integrated into iOS through Siri.

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