Apple’s operating system El Capitan will improve the way their iMacs display color in ways they never have before. The new version of OS X will have 30-bits of output of color instead of 24-bits like they have used in the past. This means users will be presented with the potential to see over a billion colors instead of 16 million. The latest iMacs from 2015 display a wider range of colors thanks to their improved color gamut. It now outputs a higher color depth and number of total colors.

Rumor has it that these additional colors may only be available for use within Preview and Photos for now but even if that’s the case, those are arguably the two most important places for more colors to be available. There is also a possibility Final Cut Pro and other applications will be able to take advantage of the added colors but this has not been confirmed yet.

Though these changes will mostly be a perk for professional editors and animators, everyday users will certainly see a drastic difference when looking at certain types of images. Gradients where colors shift in similar shades will show the most noticeable improvement. Instead of a grainy transition, everything will look more smooth. Let us know what you think of Apple‘s new displays.

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