On average, YouTube videos play back at a rate of 30 frames per second (fps). According to YouTube’s most recent announcement, the video-giant is adding support for playback at speeds of 48 and 60 frames per second. Why is that important, you ask? Such rapid frame rates will be perfect for people who want to upload and watch smooth video game footage captured from devices including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. High resolution video game trailers that playback at 60 frames per second are becoming the norm nowadays.

In addition to the boosted frame rates, fans will now be able to do more to help. Viewers will have the ability to submit their own translations for videos based on the captions and subtitles created by a video’s owner. Fans will also be able to make donations to channels so that YouTubers don’t have to rely on ad revenue alone.

With a new YouTube Creator Studio mobile app available on Android, YouTube users have access to analytic data including real-time views on the go. A similar app is in the works for Apple’s iPhone. It won’t be long before Apple fans can download the mobile app from their iTunes app store.

They’re even making it easier to add soundtracks and effects to videos by providing users with 7,500 royalty-free sound effects and background music. These files are already up and running for anyone who wants to use them. This will make it a lot easier for new users to create videos that sound professionally produced. Of course, there’s only so much sound can do. A quality video will still require good judgement.

It seems like YouTube has really outdone themselves in trying to make their services convenient and accessible to as many people as possible. With updated frame rates, thousands of free audio files, a convenient smartphone application, a way to raise revenue, and new methods of getting viewers involved, YouTube has done an outstanding job of staying ahead of the curve.

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