The future of WiFi should include reliable service and widespread coverage. For the longest time, setting up routers has been a static process: buy router, plug into the modem, connect. Some modems may even come with the router built in. Unfortunately, this lack of innovation has caused frequent inconveniences like dead zones around our homes and slow internet signals that we have been forced to live with.

Netgear, a major player in the business of home routers, is introducing a multi-unit router system called Orbi. Orbi’s presence suggests that the our homes may have two or more routers in the coming years. This addition to Netgear’s product line is titled a “WiFi system” because it includes a router, range extender, and software that makes it function seamlessly smoothly.

Once set up, the network can create a WiFi signal that covers 4,000 square feet with equally fast speeds at every corner. Orbi consists of two units. There is the main router which should be plugged into your modem. Then there is a secondary unit that should be placed somewhere central in your home. Netgear even hopes that you will leave it out in the open on a table or a shelf, since that’s likely to provide better signal than if you tuck it away in a corner or a closet. It is the second unit that’s supposed to make your Wi-Fi signal stretch to the far corners of your home. Once in place, Netgear even says you can expect Wi-Fi out in the backyard.

The two Orbi routers look almost identical in design. Influenced by pottery, they are clean and smooth. Unfortunately, Orbi is slightly larger than some other similar products on the market. Netgear, says the device’s size makes it function better. They have an additional radio inside that allows Orbi units to communicate with one another at high speeds.

The Orbi will be available this month with the two-pack selling for $399.99. Eventually, single add-on units will be made available for approximately $250.00, each extending service by roughly 2,000 square feet. Netgear does not expect most people to need another add-on but wants to offer the option just in case. As pricey as these options may seem, Netgear claims people are only looking for expensive routers. Everyone is an upgrade customer at this point in time. Recognizing this alone makes the pricing strategy seem much more logical and fair.

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