Nest has designed new software for their WiFi-connected cameras that makes monitoring your home easier than ever before. With this new feature, users can pick out and isolate moments from recorded surveillance footage. The feature is named Sightline and is now available through the Nest mobile application, displaying as a timeline underneath cameras’ live streams. Users can scrolls back and forth over their recorded footage, or jump to moments where there was movement in the frame indicated by colored bars. Instances like a package delivery, neighbor dropping by, or something more sinister will all appear as action moments.

Nest reports, “Sightline’s algorithms look at all motion and sound, and group activity into events. Then it shows you how long they lasted and a key image of the action.” The catch, however, is that the reach of Sightline’s vision will depend on whether or not you are a paying subscriber of their cloud service: Nest Aware.

A 10-day Sightline history requires a $10.00 monthly subscription (or $100 up front for one year). For a 30-day history, the subscription will run you $30.00/month or $300 per year. Should you wish to buy the camera without a subscription, you will only have a 3 hour video history along with access for live stream viewing and live motion alerts. In terms of usefulness, 3 hours is questionable unless you’re one who tends to be glued to your phone when you’re away from home.

The Sightline software will be compatible with Nest’s standard indoor camera as well as their new outdoor mode. The new outdoor model will cost around $200.00 and is weatherproof and has the same night vision, high resolution recording, and field of vision as the indoor model. The outdoor model now has a new magnetic mount making it easier to fix onto metal surfaces like gutters. Perhaps the most entertaining new feature are the internal speakers that will allow you to speak/yell at any guest/intruders via the Nest app.

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