A company called Neato launched two new internet connected vacuums at the IFA this past week. One vacuum is called the Botvac D3 and the other is known as the Botvac D5. The first will retail around at $400.00 while the latter will sell for closer to $600. With these two additions, Neato now has a vacuum at every price level.

Here is the breakdown for each connected vacuum.

The Neato Botvac D3 will have a combo brush, the ability to schedule when it vacuums your home, support for smartwatches (a capability we have yet to see on any competitor’s vacuum), power clean mode, a lithium ion battery, and a standard filter. The D3 can easily handle cleaning over 1,750 square feet.

On the other hand, the D5 will, like the D3, have a combo brush, options for advanced scheduling, smartwatch support, power clean mode, statistics on how it has cleaned, a “Find Your Vacuum” feature that helps you locate the Wi-Fi connected vacuum, a higher capacity lithium ion battery, and an “ultra performance” filter. The D5 can handle cleaning up to over 4,450 square feet of space.

For the average person, especially anyone living in a apartment or smaller living space, the D3 is probably sufficient. Though if you have any pets that shed a lot or feel a need to have access to cleaning statistics, you may have to pay the additional fee for the D5. Earlier this year, Dyson released their 360 Eye vacuum which has been called the “best robotic vacuum” to date. Except, at $1000.00, it is significanly more costly than both the D3 and D5. Roomba, another major competitor, has released its WiFi 960 vacuum priced around $700.00. Although the Roomba is $100 more expensive than the high end D5, the Roomba has no limit on the amount of space is can clean. Aside from that, the differences are less significant. Ultimately, the choose boils down to personal preference on brand and design.

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