Naran’s New Bluetooth Button-Pressing Device


With all of the internet-connected appliances entering the market, one startup cNaralled Naran has decided to take an innovative stance by turning dumb-appliances smart. Their new device called the Microbot Push is a low-power Bluetooth gadget that pulls commands from your smartphone to physically pushes analog buttons for you.

naran s new bluetooth button pressing device

Most new smart-devices control their electrical circuits to turn themselves on and off. This type of technology renders old appliances obsolete. However, Microbot Push provides a very basic alternative method to modify and sustain old technology. You won’t be able to do anything fancy but if you’re looking for a simple on/off capability, the Push looks promising. These new Microbots can be activated manually through their associated smartphone app or by a simple clap of the hands. Keep in mind that the connection is Bluetooth so their range is limited. You can still turn off your lights from your driveway but you can’t once you’re at the mall. Bear this in mind when considering your needs for such a device.

Naran plans to launch their campaign for this device on November 9th. We will see how it performs.


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