Myo Armbands are raising eyebrows around the world and for good reason.

Three years ago, Google announced “Gmail Motion“: a hilarious April Fools Day prank that led people to believe Google had finally developed spacial tracking technology that could detect movement and translate actions into words, phrases, and meaningful messages. The Gmail gestures were meant to be simple and intuitive.

Check it out for yourself:

Of course, as wonderful as it sounded, the whole thing was one big joke.

Fortunately for us, such technology may not be too far off! Myo has developed an armband that can do a whole lot of stuff with similar gestures and a few swings of the arm. And this time, it’s no joke!

The Myo Armband is already up for pre-order at just $150.00. At such a low price point, I foresee this product doing really well. It probably won’t be long until we’re integrating these armbands into our smart-homes. I can see it already: flick up to turn the lights on… flick down to shut them off.

myo armbands could be the next big thing

The Myo Armband

If you’re interested, you can pre-order yours here!

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