Muse now offers a $300 brain fitness tool in the form of a headband. Benefits of regular use include stress management and improved focus and attention. The brain sensing headband can improve physical, emotional, and cognitive health. Muse claims users will experience improved focus, composure, productivity, motivation, and emotional intelligence.

To make the headband work, simply connect it to the appropriate device via Bluetooth and put on the headband as you would with any ordinary pair of sunglasses. Once the app has been launched, users should close their eyes and follow the given instructions. The technology creates a beach environment simulation where the weather will change if your mind wanders. The more distracted a user is, the louder the wind will become.

All of this is formed from a series of calculations derived from 7 sensors located across the headband. The device uses EEG technology to detect the electrical fields and waves surrounding the user’s brain.

The information is transmitted in realtime via Bluetooth to the Calm app. Users will see a collection of rich, realtime audio-visual information where they can analyze how to better manage their stress. All it takes is a minimum of 3 minutes a day.

If users hear wind during a session, it’s their job to focus their mind and quiet the wind. The longer it is silent, the more birds the users will find upon the conclusion of the session. More birds signifies a more focused and calm mindset.

Is it safe? Absolutely. Sensing brain waves is something hospitals have done for over a century and the way Muse does it is very similar to how heart rate monitors record your heart rate. The headband is certified in accordance with USA regulatory standards.

If this is what’s possible now, we wonder what technological advances Muse will come across next!

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