Thync has launched a mood-altering headset that has the ability to both calm you and boost your energy! Everything is controlled right from the smartphone in your pocket. Thync managed to raise over 13 million dollars to create a device that uses electrical stimulation to change your mood. Their final product has finally launched and it can be ordered as soon as today!

Opening the Thync app established a connection with the module and allows users to select between “calm” and “energy.” Once you have made your selection, you can use a dial to regulate the intensity of the experience. You effectively control how excited or relaxed you will be by the end of the session.

Thync’s co-founder and CEO Isy Goldwasser provided an explanation to help clear up and confusion surrounding the technology. He states that the module does not directly stimulate neurons in the brain. Instead, it utilizes tiny electrical pulsations right on the skin at your temple to influence your instrinctual fight or flight response. This indirectly effects emotional responses.

Those who have tested it out have reported experiences a strange tingly feeling on their upper forehead at the front of the scalp. It’s not unpleasant but will take time to get used to, they say. Thync claims that their device may not work the first time around so users should be patient. For some, it may work right away. For others, they may have to wait until their second attempt. Test subjects reported the calm setting making them feel more tired than anything.

With a $300.00 launch price, it will be interesting to see how this product performs on the market. People with an addiction to Starbucks may appreciate the alternative but with $20.00 adhesive strip replacements that are required for use, it might not save people much money at all.

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