Microsoft has officially confirmed that it will be using a new name for its revamped browser that is making its debut in Windows 10. For the time being, “Project Spartan” is the code name being used to refer to the new browser. Microsoft is doing extensive market research to determine what the new name and brand should be.

It appears Internet Explorer will remain available to users, though it will no longer be the primary browser offered through the Windows operating system. The switch is necessary since Microsoft has been unable to shake the negative image that Internet Explorer has accrued over the last few years.

Despite Microsoft’s attempts to reconcile their browser’s relationships with the market, their efforts have failed to make much of a difference. Once Microsoft’s CEO left Microsoft in December, the company decided it was a time for change.

Though the new browser’s name remains a mystery, it sounds like we can expect “Microsoft” to be at the beginning of it. According to the research that was conducted, putting “Microsoft” at the beginning highly increased the appeal to current Google Chrome users. Even though we don’t know what to expect, the one thing we are certain of is that Microsoft will be staying away from anything that even slightly resembles “Internet Explorer.”

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