Software giant Microsoft wants you to install Windows in your home. No, not the kind made of glass - the company’s researchers have been busy developing software that will make it easier for homes to be automated, controlled and monitored via Internet connectivity.

Although there are many home technology devices that have Internet capabilities - security cameras, thermostats, and most home automation systems - it can be a bit of a challenge to get them working in seamless unison.

The new software that Microsoft is developing, dubbed “The Lab of things,” is a shared infrastructure designed to help researchers develop and evaluate technologies in the home environment. The “lab” provides a virtual desktop, so to speak, for monitoring and controlling different home technologies. It also allows for extra software to be installed, thus opening the way for developing apps.

Microsoft researcher Arjmand Samuel said that this common platform will help prepare technology for consumers who are thinking about automating their homes.

The Lab of Things software functions much like today’s home automation/control systems. It will allow the homeowner control of any automated aspect of their house, as long as it is connected to the network.

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