Check out Microsoft’s new website: How Old Am I?

With a few major developers conferences taking place, Microsoft is now showing off one of it’s Azure APIs. allows users to upload a photo which is then analyzed with facial recognition technology. The system attempts to determine guess the age of all the faces that appear within the photo. 

The code that the website runs on has more features than what you see online. The API is also capable of determining a person’s gender and identifying whether or not it has seen the face before. In other words, it is it really proficient at identifying people. (But don’t worry, this website doesn’t store your photo if you let it try to guess your age.)

In the new Windows 10 update, the operating system will utilize facial recognition as an alternative log-in option. It would seem Azure’s API would be an incredibly useful feature in the construction and development of a system where successful facial identification and recognition is essential.

Furthermore, I’m curious to see how this technology is implemented in future devices. I would suspect this API to be a noteworthy contribution to the field of robotics and artificial intelligence as well.

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