You may recall Microsoft releasing a website back in May called The website claimed to be able to accurately estimate a person’s age just by analyzing a photo of their face. It touted a new facial recognition technology that Microsoft said they’d likely integrate in the future. Rumors have been circulating about the possibility of facial recognition software being added as an additional login mechanism on Windows.

The facial recognition API has been updated and is now being shown off by Microsoft through their new website: This website compares faces from two photos and assigns a value of similarity. In theory, it should be able to tell whether two people are the same or not despite differences in their hair style, make up, or expression. In practice, it works! For the most part. It’s pretty accurate from what we can tell through the tests we’ve conducted.

In terms of creative uses, with TwinsOrNot, we now have a measurable way of determining how much we actually look like our celebrity dopplegängers! Try it out for yourself! None of your photos will be saved unless you indicate that they can keep them for improvement purposes. The system is capable of learning and improving with practice.

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