The remote-controlled MiP robot is now selling for just $90 – but only for another day! 

MiP is an amazingly fun and futuristic robot that can function both independently and through your command. The robot responds to hand gesture controls and to a smartphone app available on both Android and iOS. The MiP mobile app is free and easy to use. If you prefer hands-on interaction, MiP can detect and respond to motions and objects using its innovative Gesturesense technology.

This mini robot can function in seven distinct modes: MiP, track, dance, roam, tricks, cage, and stack. The mode can easily be adjusted by picking MiP up and spinning its right wheel. Each mode unlocks different levels of functionality. In some, MiP will silently record a series of instructions as your provide them before finally executing all of your commands one-by-one. In addition, MiP will run around while simultaneously avoiding anything and everything that might get in its way!

All MiP needs is 4 AAA batteries and it will happily play for a good 4-6 hours before reaching total exhaustion. With very low usage, MiP’s batteries can last up to two days. MiP is on the smaller side at around 26cm tall but don’t let its small size fool you; MiP can lift just over its own body weight making it perfect for transporting a large cup of coffee or even another MiP!

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