The Mars speaker from Crazybaby possesses a unique combination of features; it is both a master at music playback and flotation. The levitating speaker comes in two parts. A cylindrical base serves as the subwoofer and a levitating UFO-shaped disc is what produces high quality sounds. The disc is able to float on top of the base thanks to magnetic technology Crazybaby obtained from another company called Levitation Arts.

Aside from the fact that the levitating disc makes for an awesome looking design, it actually adds functionality too! By levitating in the air, the speaker delivers better sounds. By floating, there is no need for the sound to travel through thin materials before reaching your ears. In addition, due to the nature of its shape, there is no front or back and delivers sound to everyone equally.

But wait, it gets better!

The levitating disc portion (a.k.a. Mars Craft) is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and functions without the base. In other words, you can take it with you wherever you go. It supports Bluetooth streaming and will likely be on-par with any other Bluetooth speaker of its size. The bottom side is magnetic and will stick to metallic surfaces. You won’t have to worry about it getting wet either since it’s waterproof up to three feet deep!

The speaker system can be controlled through a smartphone app or by your proximity. It can be programmed to automatically raise and lower its volume depending on how close you are to it.

You can grab an early-bird Mars Craft for $150 or wait and pay the regular $250.00 price once it’s on the market. Units will ship in April 2015. The speaker can be preordered through the Crazybaby website.

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