With electronics as sophisticated and convenient as they are, it is no wonder that we are all glued to our phones, tablets, and laptops every second of the day. Once the day comes to an end, the logical thing to do is to plug these devices into their respectable chargers and leave them there, charging silently, rebooting themselves for yet another full day’s use. Unbeknownst to many, this method of charging is detrimental on multiple accounts. First, you are overcharging your device which can ruin the battery life. You are also racking up your energy bills as devices sit there, already charged to 100% battery, sucking up what is commonly referred to as “vampire power” – the power your device is using when plugged in even when turned off or in standby mode.

Lucky for us tech users, Bracketron, a tech manufacturer and supply company, has developed a line of eco-friendly chargers that allow for greener and easier device charging, eliminating excess energy usage and that unsettling spike felt in our energy bills. Bracketron’s latest energy-saving device, the GreenZero charger, promises flexibility and energy efficiency for all consumers and their gadgets. These GreenZero chargers automatically shut off once your device is charged to 100%, preventing overindulgent power usage and potential damage to the device battery. The GreenZero charger is an especially quick fix for those who consistently plug in phones and tablets at night for a reboot; with its automatic-off capability, you can snooze in peace, without worrying that wasted energy racking up your electric bill.

Working alongside the GreenZero charger is Bracketron’s Stone Battery. This pocket-sized portable power supply allows consumers to charge their mobile devices on the go. Like the GreenZero charger, the Stone Battery has an indicator that lets you know when your device is done charging; specifically a little LED light will turn on when your device is fully charged and the battery will turn off to ensure device safety. The Stone Battery itself becomes fully charged in 3 hours, and remains charged for an entire year, taking away the hassle of constantly recharging the battery itself.

Taking small steps to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle has never been easier. With Bracketron’s new green technology, you can power-up in a pinch and enjoy the most environmentally conscious way to charge mobile devices while totally eliminating the wasteful stand-by consumption that other charges devour when left plugged in.

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