Oculus Rift and their virtual headsets were recently acquired by Facebook. In competitive move, Google finalized a $542 million deal with a company called Magic Leap.

When asked what Magic Leap does, CEO Rony Abovitz, responded, “Magic Leap is going beyond the current perception of mobile computing, augmented reality, and virtual reality. We are transcending all three, and will revolutionize the way people communicate, purchase, learn, share and play.”

Their website also helps convey their vision. Their slideshow includes an elephant walking around in a person’s hands, students observing a floating seahorse right before their very eyes, a giant whale floating above the beach, and more. They emphasize the importance of reintroducing magic and imagination into the world.

Magic Leap intends to bring augmented reality projected into the physical world. Their hardware is described as a lightweight wearable that will project realistic images onto your retina, effectively changing your perception of your environment. The technology is powered through what is known as “dynamic digital light field.” This is similar to the technology found on the Lytro camera. Users will have an easier time focusing on close objects which should eliminate the motion sickness some people experience with the Oculus Rift.

The consumer launch is expected to be “relatively soon.” I’m excited to see what this turns out to be like.

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