No one did entertainment like the nouveau riche of the Jazz Age did - and while you might not want to entertain today’s “flappers” of the tristate area, why not give Gatsby a run for his money by implementing your own home improvements that’ll have East and West Egg talking?

The simplicity and geometric lines of this in-ground pool will help you relax and enjoy summer afternoons when the sun is out but there is a slight breeze that still keeps you cool. The trees contrast with the sand-white pool tiles, with the added bonus of privacy that no fence can compete with.

Who says you can’t combine outdoor and indoor fun? Bring your digital entertainment outside without on a gorgeous day and enjoy your favorite TV shows with weatherproof, high-performance audio and video technology.

Outdoor entertainment options are endless - with June looming and sunshine gracing our skins, it’s time to think about what to do to make the most out of the warm weather.

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