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Electronics Design Group has been in business since 1987 and has made many positive relationships along the way. We truly enjoy partnering with the best companies in the world in custom home integration and automation. One of the partnerships we have forged is with Lutron Electronics. A company that has been in business since 1961, Lutron is a pioneer in lighting control.

The lighting control industry was changed forever when Joel Spira (Founder of Lutron Electronics) used a thyristor as a in-home dimmer. “A thyristor is a type of transistor, which had been invented a few years earlier. The substitution was effective because rheostats and thyristors worked in completely different ways. Rheostats dimmed lights by absorbing electrical energy into the rheostat, meaning that electricity was converted to heat in the rheostat rather than to light in the lamp. By comparison, thyristors dimmed the light by interrupting the power flowing to the lamp.” (

From those humble beginnings to 50 years later, Lutron has been on the cutting edge of lighting automation. Today you can control your entire lighting system from your iPhone, have lights automatically turn on or off depending on if you are in the room or not, and even remotely control your lights when you are away from the home. Lutron has also pioneered the automated shades/blinds industry.

So, in terms of companies that EDG feels comfortable promoting, Lutron is at the very top of that list. An industry partner of the highest standard and a leader in home automation. Contact Us today to find out how Electronics Design Group can design and install a custom Lutron automated lighting solution for you.

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