We’ve all seen helmets with lights on them before. The flashlight-equipped helmets illuminate your path and make navigating a world full of danger just a bit safer. Boston-based hardware producer Lumos is hoping to take these illuminated helmets a step further by producing one with a front light, wireless blinking indicator lights, and an accelerometer-powered brake-light on the back.

They set out to raise $125,000.00 and managed to bring in over $809,551.00 through Kickstarter. If they are able to stay on schedule with their production, consumers can expect to find the product available by April of this year.

As of now, there are no bike helmets on the market with integrated brakes and turn signals. This will help cyclists more effectively communicate their intentions to the people around them. Lumos also explains that their helmet’s LEDs are brighter than those found in rival helmets.

Lumos has designed a triangular rear light with an integrated accelerometer to signal when a bicyclist is slowing down. The brighter the red lights are, the faster the cyclist is slowing down. Turn signals are controlled from small wireless switches that can be easily installed on your bike handles. When wishing to indicate a turn, press the button and you will hear a beeping sound to confirm that your signal has activated.

The battery in the wireless buttons should last for months before it needs to be replaced. The helmet should last several days though actual use will depend on how often the signals are used. We look forward to seeing this helmet more widely available and used. Hopefully this safety initiative will create a more safe experience on the roads for both drivers and cyclists alike.

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