Global human resources consulting firm Mercer recently published its list of the costliest worldwide destinations for expatriates based on housing, transportation, food and other living expenses. And, much to everyone’s surprise, New York City isn’t one of the most expensive cities on the list - in fact, the Big Apple didn’t even make it to the top ten!

Sydney opens up the top ten most expensive places to live in, followed by the trio of Swiss cities, Bern, Zurich and Geneva - but that’s no surprise there. Hong Kong and Singapore finished off at 6th and 5th, respectively, followed by N’Djamena, Chad (that’s in Central Africa above Nigeria and Cameroon, for those of you who aren’t geogeeks). The top three most expensive places to live in are: Tokyo, Moscow, and - drumroll! - Luanda, Angola.

Curious as to what the most expensive housing options currently on the market are for these cities, the folks over at Gizmodo played apartment hunter for a day and this is what they came up with:

10. Sereia, Palm Beach – Sydney, Australia: $114,000 per month

cost of living australia


9. Bern, Switzerland: $6,380 per month

cost of living bern


8. Zurich, Switzerland: $13,617 per month

cost of living zurich


7. Geneva, Switzerland: $22,518 per month

cost of living geneva


6. Hong Kong, China: $122,508 per month

cost of living hong kong


5. Singapore: $45,080 per month

cost of living singapore


4. N’Djamena, Chad: $180,000 per month

cost of living n djamena


3. Tokyo, Japan: $10,204 per month

cost of living tokyo


2. Moscow, Russia: $27,000

cost of living moscow


1. Luanda, Angola: $10,000 per month

cost of living luanda

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