LIFX has just revealed two new smart lighting products that would make an excellent addition in your home. They have created a light strip as well as a new bulb. Both work more or less how you would expect a smart lightbulb to work. Except, the new bulb comes with unique and unusual feature: the ability to emit infrared light at night.

For most people, this feature is probably not going to be all that useful at face value. However, LIFX has designed this bulb with one very specific use in mind. A situation where having infrared lights exposure around your house would be unbelievably useful. And that would be with security cameras.

In order for security cameras to be able to record and see at night, most rely on infrared technology. Normally this is done by shining out an invisible spotlight in the form of infrared light. Of course, this results in light coming from a set distance and angle, reducing visibility the further you get from the camera’s center lens. With the addition of more infrared bulbs around a given space, a security camera that solely relies on infrared light should have a farther and clearer look at whatever it is monitoring.

The new bulb will be called “LIFX+” and will be available both as a standard A19 bulb and as a BR30 flood light. Both will be priced around $80.00. Like all of LIFX’s lightbulbs, these will rely on WiFi to be operated which makes both setup and connectivity fairly straightforward.

The LIFX Light Strip will be called the LIFX Z and that will sell for around $90.00. It will be 2 meters long and will include eight “zones” per meter that can be programmed to be different colors. Single one meter extensions will be available for purchase around the $30.00 price point. Both new products are expected to begin shipping around November of this year.

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