With new iPhones featuring the ability to take “Live Photos” and all of the hype surrounding augmented reality, it may be unsurprising to discover a new startup has created a way to print live photos. LifePrint is an app, a portable printer, and a social network unlike any other. With LifePrint, users can create augmented reality photos and instantly print them from any Apple/Android smartphone. Images can be sent to any LifePrint printer in the world (with proper authorization, of course.)

Using their Augmented Reality HyperPhoto technology, LifePrint manages to bring printed photography to the 21st century. 

LifePrint is the first company in the world that can “print” a 7 second Vine video or your favorite Gif. They make it explicitly clear that they have no intention of “replacing” social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Instead, their intention is to integrate social networks with a complementary product.

HyperPhotos will be recognizable because in the lower righthand corner of each image, a “LP” logo will be printed as a small watermark. This option can be turned off is the user does not want it. However, they recommend you leave it on so you can recognize which of your photos have augmented reality and which ones do not.

The printer can even connect directly to GoPros. This means you can print out your footage moments after you record it. The printer is portable enough that you can take it with you wherever you go. Ruggedized cases are also available if you want to protect the printer when outdoors or at a party. And yes, you can still print while the case is on it.

If you’re interested, you can support LifePrint and pledge for one of their products today.

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