Two years ago, Leica released the T: a luxury camera company’s spin on an entry-level digital mirrorless camera. Naturally, its price was a bit steep compared to its competition. Unfortunately, that model suffered from undesirable characteristics like slow autofocus and poor smartphone pairing. Hopefully all of this will change with the release of the new Leica TL: an update to the same line of interchangeable lens cameras.

When the bran new camera is released later this month, the TL will still cost about the same as the T did when it first launched. The expected cost should start around $1,695.00 for the body and at least $3,200.00 when paired with an interchangeable lens. The camera also has the same size APS-C sized sensor inside, a nice giant touchscreen panel on the back, and a similar look and feel as the original model although the edges around the device have been softened a bit.

The most apparent update to the camera is the supposedly revamped autofocus system that will be much faster than the original. Leica emphasizes that these improvements will especially help in AF-C [continuous autofocus] mode. It is worth noting that while many camera makers are moving to phase-detection autofocus systems, the Leica TL will still employ the slightly more outdated contrast-detection autofocus system.

The other big change is to how the camera pairs with your smartphone. The Leica T only let you transfer images to your iPhone if both were on the same external Wi-Fi network, which meant you were out of luck when shooting in the wild. It was one of our biggest hangups with the T, so it’s relieving to see that Leica’s gone and fixed this problem. The TL, like most other digital cameras these days, can create its own Wi-Fi hotspot, meaning you can transfer images (and videos) to your phone without needing to be near some other Wi-Fi network. There’s even an Android app this time around!

The Leica TL will go on sale at Leica stores and registered dealers later this month. While the price point may seem a big steep, keep in mind Leica still offers a wide variety of fixed-lens compact cameras for about $2,000.00 less. For newcomers entering the world of photography, the performance of the Leica TL with the added benefit of lens flexibility may be enough to justify the cost.
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