In the second installment of our series “Kickstarter of the Week” we find a product that is right up Electronic Design Group’s alley. Sookbox is a whole home media manager. A cloud-based server that gives you the freedom to watch and listen to what you want on any device in the home. Everything from your own library of digital media, home movies, and photos to streaming services like Hulu, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Video.

The basic idea sounds like devices currently on the market (Roku, Apple TV, Etc.) that use a controller app to send video or music from your media library to a TV or media player. The difference in the Sookbox system is that the controller can send media from online streaming services like Hulu or Amazon, along with video from any website, and media saved on your home network. Unlike devices that stream from one source to one device, the Sookbox can simultaneously stream from its server to more than one TV or AV receiver.

Sookbox is cross-platform, allowing you to use virtually any mobile device or computer to control all your media anywhere in the home. Sookbox gives you access to any of your content anywhere, whether you want to consume stored digital media from your Sookbox or stream content from the cloud. Sookbox is the first of its kind, a single device that controls all your content and synchronizes your electronics.

From Sookbox’s Kickstarter Page:

What can Sookbox Do?

Two years ago, the Sookbox founding team gathered in a room on the MIT campus and stated the answer to the fragmented entertainment problem as this: I want to sit on my couch and use my handheld device to say “Goodfellas, family room, go”.

Owned content is stored on the Sookbox. Apps (such as a full featured Browser) are run via the Sookbox. Simply choose what you want to do (watch a movie, stream a show, listen to a playlist…), and on what output you want it (family room television, kitchen stereo, master bedroom television…).  This is done via the Sookbox app on your handheld, which communicates with the Sookbox itself.

Using Sookbox, you can play a movie on any television in your house, or music on any stereo, using your smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

The Browser

The Sookbox full-featured Browser is the first of its kind. On the television you see the content, and you control it with your smartphone or tablet. There is no clunky remote or keyboard displayed on your television. The Sookbox Browser uses the native keyboard of your handheld, and a simulated mouse (simply rub your finger across the handheld, and the pointer moves across the television).

The Sookbox novel approach breaks from the traditional paradigm of one controller connected to one device connected to one output. We separate content from control with a framework that enables users to play their media or apps on multiple outputs.

Sookbox creates a Personal cloud. A true cloud means access and control from anywhere to anywhere. And personal means that it is yours: A cloud divided by user, not by service.

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