The Kaleidescape System is a fast, easy, and reliable way to store and access your movie and music collection. Through an intuitive user interface you can easily search, sort, and enjoy whatever you want to watch or listen to whenever you want. Select a movie and skip past all the ads and menus and start playing right from the beginning of the movie, or you can pick up right at your favorite bookmarked scene. If it is music you’re in the mood for, you can make a selection from anything in your entire library without having to search through tons of CDs. You can also make customized playlists or sync your Kaleidescape with your iTunes to take your music with you via your iPod. The Kaleidescape System accomplishes all this by being composed of three primary pieces: The Server, Player, and Mini Player. These three components work together to make all of your media instantly available to you.

The core of this system is the Kaleidescape Server. A single Server can store up to 1800 DVDs or 20,000 CDs. This amount is customizable by the amount of Kaleidescape Disk Cartridges you have in your Server. By customizing your storage space, you get only the storage space you need while maintaining the ability to increase your storage at anytime by adding more Disk cartridges. Multiple Servers can also be combined to achieve over 100 Terabytes of available storage.  Kaleidescape demonstrates their dedication to reliability by implanting a Hot Spare Disk Drive. Should a Disk Cartridge fail for any reason, the data stored on it is automatically restored to the Hot Spare Disk. This not only prevents any loss of data but is also executed without interrupting any movie playback that may be in progress. Additionally, your Server will automatically notify Kaleidescape should a service call be needed. Any required updates are also done automatically through the Server’s connection to the Internet.

Once your movies and music are stored on your Server, it can then be accessed by any Player or Mini Player in the house. All the Kaleidescape components are connected to each other on a standard home network. The type of network you use to connect your home computers is the same type Kaleidescape employs to support up to 45 simultaneous video or audio zones throughout your house. By storing your media on the Kaleidescape Server, your collections become available to you anytime wherever you are in your house.

Kaleidescape uses two main players to give you access to your library, as well as to add to it. Kaleidescape’s newest Player is the KPLAYER-6000. This new Player brings the ability of 1080p playback. When viewing a DVD selection you have stored on your Server, the KPLAYER-6000 will upscale the video to take advantage of the benefits of your High Definition Television. This means more accurate colors, sharper images, and an overall improved experience. The KMUSIC-4000 handles the music. It is similar to the KPLAYER but instead of accessing video it supports up to four simultaneously independent audio zones. This means that four different selections can be listened to at the same time at four different locations.
While the Players differ in the media they access, they are similar in that they are both capable of importing new media to your library. When you have a new DVD or CD, you can utilize the Players as you would with a normal DVD or CD player. But you gain the ability to use the advantages of the Kaleidescape System such as skipping the menu and previews and starting right at the movie. If you wish to add your media to your library, all that is needed is to press the Import button on your Player. This button imports your selection to your Server where it will be ready for you to access. This process is demonstrative of Kaleidescape’s convenience and simplicity.

The latest addition to the Kaleidescape family is the Mini Player. The KPLAYER-300 has all the 1080p video upscaling capabilities of the KPLAYER-6000 without the importing capability. The absence of a disk drive makes the Mini Player compact enough to be mounted right behind your TV. This makes the Mini Player a convenient and efficient way to add video zones to your Kaleidescape System.

Kaleidescape improves their system by offering Movie Collections to jump- start your movie library. Ranging from family favorites to Academy Award winners, Kaleidescape’s Collections have something for everyone. By combining preselected Collections and versatile components, Kaleidescape makes it easy and convenient to rediscover all the experiences that have been dormant in your ever-growing media library.

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