JustTheBell is an analog bell for your digital life. Scientists have warned us that sleeping near your cellphone can cause a number of negative side effects. Cellphones emit radiation that impairs sleep. While research hasn’t fully proven much more, there seems to be evidence of other harmful effects from our cellphones’ radioactivity.

Artist and designer Ignasi Giro designed a product called JustTheBell.

JustTheBell is literally a box that is a bell. Users can set alarms on their cellphones via Bluetooth and then leave their phone in another room, far away from wherever the person will be sleeping. The box will ring to wake you up. To snooze it or to turn it off, simply shake it around. That’s it! Simple, yet incredibly useful.

Giro has designed projects like this before. He is known for his clever and simplistic projects. His goal is to simplify our mornings and nights. By keeping the phone in a separate area, you enhance your sleep by reducing blue light exposure from your smartphone’s screen prior to going to sleep. Furthermore, you eliminate distractions from messages, phone calls, and notifications throughout the night.

Each box is handmade in France from a chunk of solid beechwood. Giro hopes to have his product delivered next spring.

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