About two years ago, a company called Lytro released a new product called the Lytro Effect: a unique type of camera that allowed you to focus a shot after the photo was already taken. Lytro reshaped the way people thought about photography because suddenly, setting up the perfect shot became more about what you would do later than about what you had to do while setting up the shot.

Lytro recently announced a new professional-grade camera and software platform called Illum. Unlike the older telescope-shaped device we saw back in 2012, the Lytro Illum is a completely new professional-grade camera that possesses the body of what resembles a mirrorless camera. It sports a 40 megaray light field sensor, 8x optical zoom and high-speed shutter.

The Lytro Illum’s true power is shown by what you can do once a photo is taken. The Illum has a 40 megaray sensor that works to capture all of the light in a given shot – a great improvement from the Effect’s 11 megaray sensor. You can then use Lytro’s all new software platform to select which section of the photo should be adjusted into focus.

The Illum has a fancy new lens containing 13 different pieces of glass. With a focus range of 0mm – infinity, there is absolutely no need to worry about whether you’ve correctly isolated the main subject at the time of shooting. It can always be corrected. The camera is capable of shooting 30-250mm at f/2.0 and has incredible macro up-close shooting capabilities. There is a 4 inch LCD touchscreen, removable battery and microUSB charging port. The amount of pictures it can store is entirely dependent on the size of the memory card you insert and photos can be shared online and printed in stores just as you would with a regular DSLR or point and shoot.

This camera really tackles light-field photography like no other camera has ever done before. Capturing all of the light in a photo offers photographers so many advantages including the ability to shoot quickly, refocus, take 3D images, and shoot in low light conditions.

The new Illum will start at $1,500 and will ship sometime in July.

Source: www.LYTRO.com

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