There are several unique aspects to a new food startup called Eatsa. Similar to some of the more recently built Panera Breads, Eatsa will feature a large number of iPads where customers can walk right up to place in order. In fact, there will be absolutely no cashiers. All orders will be handled through virtual orders and electronic forms of payment including credit and debit cards.

Shortly after placing your order, your name will appear via LCD screen on a box and when the door opens, you will be able to pull out a bowl of quinoa.

The first Eatsa will open today in San Francisco.

is eatsa the future of fast food

Eatsa serves only quinoa because of it’s versatility and nutritional benefits. Quinoa is a grain that is high in protein and absorbs flavor well. Quinoa is also cheap and sustainable.

Since customers must always pay by credit card or through mobile, he plans to implement a system that creates discounts for frequent customers.

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