Boom is a new startup that is aiming to build new airplanes. That isn’t something you come across everyday! The planes Boom hopes to produce will be fast. Really fast. Hence the “sonic boom” name.

The goal is to manufacture a supersonic passenger plane that flies 2.2 times faster than the speed of sound! If they can accomplish this, people could be transported from New York to London in 3.5 hours and from San Francisco to Tokyo in 4.5 hours.

One should note that planned and execution of this project is still in its very early stages. For a project this massive and expensive, it will likely take a significant amount time to make this plane a realistic flying option for the casual flyer. The first prototype is being worked on right now and Boom hopes to have it flying by late next year. Hopefully everything will go as planned!

There is some serious talent over at Boom working on this plane. Boom’s 11 employees have collectively contributed to more than 30 aircrafts. They have worked on the autopilot system found in the 787, fighter plane engines, flight dynamics on Spaceship Two, and more. Many of them are past NASA, Lockheed, and Boeing workers.

Jumping in on this huge project is Virgin and an unnamed European carrier. The two companies have signed a letter of intent, meaning they have seen the early specs of the planes and intend to purchase a total of 15 planes if everything comes together as planned. This brings the total value of the optioned planes to 5 billion dollars.

Boom is funded by Y Combinator, Sam Altman, Seraph Group, Eight Partners, and other unnamed companies. Boom declined to comment on whether Virgin was providing capital as part of the deal.

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