There is a radically new e-reader on the horizon. Amazon’s newest e-reader, the Kindle Oasis, is a beautifully designed shiny e-reader. Square-shape in design with an ergonomic back bezel, it takes a new approach in terms of design. Never before has reading on a device been so comfortable!

The screen is pretty much on-par with the quality of the now somewhat aged Kindle Voyage. It features the same 300 ppi resolution but now includes 4 additional built-in LED lights for night reading. A new iPad Mini 2 can be purchased for merely $270.00 and the iPad does way more in comparison! Buyers should note that e-ink displays are easier on the eyes than an iPad and physical buttons speed up page turns.

Travel is where the Oasis wins out. Travel. Convenience.

E-readers are better for hauling around than heavy books and textbooks. They’re generally lighter, slimmer, and incredibly sturdy. The Oasis couldn’t be easier to split into a pocket or bag. The molded polymer that encases the device is made to take a beating.

Kindle’s ecosystem allows the device to potentially hold 4 GB worth of books from Amazon’s 4.4 million books listed online. The battery life lasts up to 60 days when hooked into its unique dual-battery cover. Overall, this device is truly great for long voyages. Better than even the Kindle Voyage!

All in all, this is a bit of a luxury device compared to other Kindles. If you’re a fan of e-readers, this one is sure to live up to your expectations!

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