Google has recently introduced a competitive service to the music market. With Google Play Music All Access, at just 10 dollars a month, users have access to a wide variety of songs to stream from the cloud. Through a feature called scan and match, Google Play Music can scan through music libraries and put together a playlist of the songs on their server which is made ready for streaming to all compatible devices right away.Unfortunately, Google’s services will not be compatible with Apples products and services. However, these leaps in the way music is made available to consumers online may finally force Apple to rethink the way they handle sales through iTunes.

Unlike similar music streaming services like Spotify or Pandora, Google Play Music All Access excels in playlist and album creation. It has a lot of music discovery features that will increase your chances of finding songs you’ll like based on music you listen to. It even has a button featuring the famous “I’m feeling lucky” phrase which will play a random song. 

If Google Play Music wants to stay competitive, it is going to have to release a desktop version for Windows and iOS. The website is fully functional but requires internet access in order to stream music. With offline services like iTunes out there, it would be wise to also create a Google service that works offline. Aside from that, Google Play Music All Access is a great choice for users looking to make their music library accessible on multiple internet-connected devices are users who are looking to discover new songs to add to their music library.

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