Ten One Design has released a new update for their Inklet drawing application on Mac OS X. The new version, Inklet 1.6, brings pressure sensitive input to the new Force Touch trackpad on the most recent version of the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and the new 12-inch MacBooks.

The Inklet application has been around since 2010. While it always allowed you to use your trackpad for drawing input, there used to be no support for pressure-sensitivity making it rather useless for detailed drawings. With the new version, any stylus or finger can be used to control line width. It all depends on how hard you press.

The new experience is similar to drawing on a Wacom Bamboo tablet except you have less space. It takes some time getting used to the positions of where you have to draw relative to the active space on your screen. Luckily, the app will map the active area you select on your screen to fit your trackpad by default. 

The settings allow you to adjust how the application detects input whether you must press the spacebar for it to register or if all input should be processed. The sensitivity, range, etc. can be modified as the user sees fit. While the delay is small, there is minor time lag between when you draw and when it appears on the screen. This will vary depending on the software and system you are using.


Download the free demo version from the app store to see how it performs! The full version is priced at $25.

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