With a mission to define the future of personal transportation, Immotor is setting out to release an all new scooter that is designed for travel up to 30 kilometers on a single charge. We have seen plenty of other forms of pedestrian-ready electronic transportation between ZBoard’s electric skateboard to hoverboards. Daniel Huang, co-founder of Mophie, wants to change all of this with something new. This is why he quit his job with Mophe to start Immotor earlier this year.

But Immotor is hoping that its battery tech savvy and almost Tesla-like approach to building a vehicle will give it an edge. The company says that the Go scooter will receive periodic software updates that will bring future upgrades to the vehicle whenever you buy one. In addition, the unit packs intelligent GPS, device tracking, cruise control and the ability to autonomously follow you around.

Rounding out the spec list is Immotor’s “safe and functional Super Battery,” which it promises will not spontaneously explode like so many other devices have in the last few years. The company also claims that its proprietary power cells come with a customized operating system that will keep the cells balanced and regulate efficient power draw. In addition, the batteries can be pulled out and used as a standard power pack for any number of consumer devices like hairdryers and laptops if you have the necessary adapters.

The Go itself has two slots inside its neck-based battery compartment that enables users to swap in one or two of the 99W cells. With one installed, the device has an ultimate range of around 15km, while two cells will effectively double that journey time. The scooter has two modes: one that prioritizes range over speed and a power assist setting that will boost the power when you are carrying heavy loads. Oh, and so long as it is folded, Immotor claims that it’s perfectly safe to take onto an airplane. The vehicle’s top speed is 30km, although that will inevitably have an effect on your overall range.

There are also a series of features just for millennials, including the ability to charge your phone from a USB port in the handlebar. You can even use a button on one of the handles to activate the camera on your smartphone should you want to snap images as you ride. Each Go also comes with an always-on link to the company’s customer service team, which should help with tracking if your ride goes missing and any technical issues. If any of this appeals to you, for the time being, you can pledge cash to the Indiegogo page and then wait until March/April of next year when they are expected to ship.

Earlybirds can snag a scooter for $400.00 while latecomers will pay $600.00.

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