A new connected-couch is making its way to the market. Smarthomes may soon include couches with technology from a company called Immersit that generates vibrations to immerse you in the games or movies you’re watching.

Perhaps the best part about Immersit is that it works with your existing couch!

Remember those 4D theaters? Have you ever gone to a theme park and experienced a 4D movie where the images were 3D but you also had a seat that shifted, lifted, and shook? The Immersit couch takes you one step closer to experiencing that type of viewing experience from the comfort of your own home.

Rather than selling an expensive brand new couch, the company is working on producing tiny bases that you seat below the feet of your couch. The bases can move forward and back, up and down, and side to side all in the blink of an eye.

This new technology does not come without drawbacks. One issue it faces at the time of writing is an inability to simulate vibrations in real time. The company encodes vibrations for a bunch of pre-set movies so it already knows when to vibrate while you watch the newest movies on Bluray. The good thing, at least, is that the hub can automatically detect which movie you’re watching. It uses an audio fingerprinting technology similar to the one used by Soundhound and Shizam.

Immersit supports any seat that has 4 feet – any seat, couch, or bed. You can control the vibration intensity in case you plan on going to sleep soon.

A full motion kit currently costs between $565 and $904. The company expects to ship in December 2016. Working prototypes were showcased this year at CES 2016 but the final product is still in development.

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